FRH Market Launched on the Blackest Friday

Retailers, online and brick & mortar alike, feel tremendous pressure to take advantage of the commercial ‘holidays’ known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year that date fell on November 27th.  Entrepreneur, Recording Artist and founder of FRH Market, Adam “FRH” Golden, set his eyes on a different date. He states that “December 4th 2020, is a day that recognizes two of the most impactful men who have ever walked this planet. Together, they embody exactly who, I and my brand, represent: The Fly Revolutionary Hustler. “


The men Golden is referring to are Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and Fred Hampton. December 4th,1969 is a day that marks the tragic end of the life of a Twenty One year old Fred Hampton, and the beginning of Jay Z’s life. It’s a shared day that even caught the attention of Jay Z. He raps on “Murder to Excellence”, featuring Kanye West, “I Arrived on the day that Fred Hampton died.”  While the lyricist responsible for “PSA” needs no introduction to the world, Fred Hampton is a lesser known figure that has long been heralded by community leaders, activists, and those interested in social justice.  

At just 21 years old, Fred Hampton rose from being a Leader of the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party, To Chairman of the Illinois Chapter.  This was partly due to his charismatic nature, his uncanny ability to organize different groups. Indeed, he coined the term “Rainbow Coalition”.  He also became a leader because he was born to be one.  When he was only  21 a federal conspiracy to assassinate him was carried out by law enforcement. Hampton was poised to be the national spokesperson of the Party.  Instead, he was murdered in cold blood.

Golden says “The documentary on his life and death was one of the first YouTube videos I ever watched while I was at Morehouse College.  It gave me chills but inspired me. Immediately I realized that he died on Jay Z’s birthdate. The fact that both of them inspired and impacted my life was not lost on me.”

The differences between Jay Z and Fred Hampton are stark.  Jay Z enriched himself in New York City’s Black market before he transitioned to music and entrepreneurship. In contrast, Hampton utilized skills honed as a NAACP Youth Organizer to mobilize people to participate in the Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast Program and rail against capitalism.  In some ways, the two giants are contradictions to each other: The unabashed capitalist and the proud Marxist. Golden, however, sees a unifying theme.

“Certainly, they held views that opposed each other. I believe that they both were committed to different paths that aim to achieve the same destination--a world where power is equally attainable by all, regardless of ethnicity or background.” Golden goes on to say, “When I think of what it means to be a Fly Revolutionary Hustler, it means to share both of their views. 1) To be motivated to make a sustainable life through innovation and entrepreneurship. 2) To unify with your community to demand our God given right to dignity, life, and freedom to be whoever we choose.” 

The themes of self empowerment are evident within the entire collection. The hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, and swag on FRH Market’s online store all exemplify the principles. Golden says the logo, which includes a finger pointing up, symbolizes many things. “The logo represents being united with the community, being on the come up, and never being afraid to be first. A Fly Revolutionary Hustler."   Word.



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