Revolutionary Art: About Robert L Almond IV

Robert L. Almond IV is a multi-medium artist from Pittsburgh PA. He first started creating art at a young age with his first mentor, and father, Robert L. Almond III. In 2008 he auditioned for the visual art department at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School 6-12 (CAPA) and the following year started high school there. Within his 4 years there, he was able to find  and begin to master his own style. He found opportunities to learn drawing and painting techniques within and outside of the classroom. For example, during his junior year he took pre-college classes at Carnegie Mellon for visual arts and traveled as a student ambassador to Europe through the People to People Ambassador Program. The same year, he won 2nd place in the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Invitational Art Exhibition and was awarded the Eleanor Friedberg Scholarship for a painting he submitted. For his senior project, he documented his creation of a large-scale mural inside a voting headquarters during the 2012 election.

Since graduating high school, he joined the Tuff Sound Apprenticeship sound engineering program in 2017 and started production for his expanding art podcast “IV THE PEOPLE.” Also, Recently he showed some of his new artwork at The Pullproof Studio, Boom Concepts gallery space and Azorean Café within the Pittsburgh area.

 “This pandemic has not slowed down production, but it has allowed me to really evaluate what role I play in this art scene and what purpose my new work will serve.”

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